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Google Code Jam is a worldwide online programming competition which draws 30,000 to 60,000 contestants each year. Contestants solve a set of programming problems within a usually 2.5-hour-timeframe.

I love the excitement that each round brings, and that feeling of submitting a correct solution just minutes from the deadline. I also feel like I learn a lot of clever tricks each time. And while I don’t think I’m good enough to make top 25 and participate in the World Finals, I have placed 326th before, which is still in the top 1% of contestants.

In this article I will present…

A then-11-year-old boy I’m friends with approached me several year ago:

Hey Jan if you can can you show me how to mod ydkj game files with my own music and stuff?

Well how could I say no! And so began my quest to reverse-engineer files for You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 3 — a game that came out the year I was born. A game that will only run with a resolution of 640 x 480 x 16 colors (This is the VGA standard). A game where the internal volume slider is broken on my machine. But I did…

While asynchronous programming (AP) is standard fare in JavaScript and baked into the design of Go as goroutines, many Python programmers are new to this concept. The central idea is to achieve concurrent execution of multiple functions in a single program thread. While one function waits for an outside event, such as getting I/O from the web or a database, another function is executed to fill the otherwise-wasted time.

Some AP functionality has been available since Python 3.5, however key functions such as are only available from 3.7 …

My first job out of college will be at TNG Tech in Munich! They are a tech consultancy, meaning other businesses come to them to get advice and custom software. My preconceived notion was that tech consulting was about advising companies on business strategies while leaving any implementation to others, but TNG’s focus is mostly on developing software for other companies (essentially contracting).

One thing that struck me was the doctorate rate which this job opening claims is around 60%, jeesh! I heard of credential inflation before, but this is at a whole other level — is a PhD already…

Hello world! I’m a 22-year-old German 🇩🇪 guy who just graduated university with a Master’s degree in computer science. In this blog I will talk about topics related to software engineering, and potentially self-improvement.

I began developing my interests in software and programming in my youth. I started writing my first programs at the age of 12, using Borland Delphi (yes, I know). At the age of 15 I already developed small games and helped my parents’ business by setting up automatic print jobs.

Python is my favorite and strongest language as it is extremely readable and versatile. Speed may…

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