My first job out of college will be at TNG Tech in Munich! They are a tech consultancy, meaning other businesses come to them to get advice and custom software. My preconceived notion was that tech consulting was about advising companies on business strategies while leaving any implementation to others, but TNG’s focus is mostly on developing software for other companies (essentially contracting).

One thing that struck me was the doctorate rate which this job opening claims is around 60%, jeesh! I heard of credential inflation before, but this is at a whole other level — is a PhD already the new master’s degree? This statistic is making me feel a little inadequate.

Either way I’m truly happy I landed at TNG. Their offices are clean and modern and the general atmosphere is open and cooperative. TNG being one of the (very few) pure software companies in Germany 🇩🇪 also means they treat developers well. Biweekly techdays 🖥 allow developers to be continually up-to-date on their tech skills. Since consultancies are paid based on “billable hours” (hours spent on any specific client), that is a 10% revenue cut (one day per 2 workweeks) they’re committing to! But it is considered a worthwhile investment.

TNG has a meritocratic tech-based interview process, much unlike the purely behavioral one I experienced at old economy companies. TNG appears to be very young and dynamic, plus one of their private owners (partners) was willing to field questions from me and others in person during a techday. Additionally they seem to be highly successful and rapidly growing with a low churn rate— all really good signs!

23-year-old programmer from Germany!