Hello world! I’m a 22-year-old German 🇩🇪 guy who just graduated university with a Master’s degree in computer science. In this blog I will talk about topics related to software engineering, and potentially self-improvement.

I began developing my interests in software and programming in my youth. I started writing my first programs at the age of 12, using Borland Delphi (yes, I know). At the age of 15 I already developed small games and helped my parents’ business by setting up automatic print jobs.

Python is my favorite and strongest language as it is extremely readable and versatile. Speed may appear to be Python’s big weakness but is frequently not a problem, as (1) CPU-bound matrix operations can run on fast C code using the numpy library and (2) I/O-bound operations can be sped up using asyncio. But this is already a lot of detail and best saved for future blog posts.

I had the opportunity to prove my programming skills in Google Code Jam, achieving a strong placement of 326th out of 31662 (top 1.1%) this year which won me a t-shirt prize. I have additionally been honored with a spot on my university’s Dean’s List on two separate occasions.

I know no one uses RSS and blogs in 2020 anymore, so head on over to my Twitter @KonopkaKodes! Cheers to actually getting read and an awesome 2020!

23-year-old programmer from Germany!

23-year-old programmer from Germany!